Friday, March 17, 2017

Man Defrauds Roofing Company of More than $130,000; is On the Run

MEQUON, WI — A man is reportedly on the run after authorities say he defrauded more than $130,000 from a roofing company in Bronx.

Police are currently searching for Dan Neuendorf, 58, Mequon, after he has been charged with theft in a business setting and four counts of fraudulent writings.

According to police, Neuendorf abandoned his Mequon residence and has been on the run on "because of a theft matter with his former employer."

Police stated that Neuendorf, who was a bookkeeper and data entry employer for the Bronx roofing company, was responsible for data entry for the company's payroll and accounts payable systems.

Police stated that another employee would routinely "pre-sign" business checks for business purposes and that Neuendorf had access to these "pre-signed" business checks. According to official records, Neuendorf would take these "pre-signed" checks and cash them himself, then manipulate the company's payroll and accounts payable systems to make it appear that the checks would reflect a payee of numerous clients the business worked with.

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Police reported that on Feb. 3, 2017, Neuendorf "recently" stopped coming to work. When a co-worker began to investigate business bank records held at Tri-City National Bank, she identified multiple checks that were payable to Neuendor that were cashed without the company's knowledge.

When police investigated, they learned that he cashed 22 checks valued at approximately $131,867, which were cashed without the company's permission. Investigators have identified more than 50 additional roofing checks payable to Neuendorf for another $51,260, which also appear to be suspicious.

Neuendorf was caught on bank surveillance footage cashing the fraudulent checks.

He faces up to 17 years behind bars if he is convicted of the maximum sentence each felony charge carries.

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